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Become a world-class receptionist

As an awesome, office-based Moneypenny Receptionist with your own portfolio of Virtual Receptionist clients under your wing, you’ll live within a family of five, which includes a team leader to work with, learn from and lean on for support at all times. Enjoy a host of company perks, plus opportunities to work and progress within other areas of the business. It’s no wonder many people at Moneypenny have already celebrated over 10 years with us and counting.



11 days

Work and play in a home that’s truly unique

We’ve worked hard to create a comfortable environment where our people feel happy and, most importantly, at home. Our stunning Duluth office was built with everyone's ultimate wishlist in mind and every detail has been thought of to ensure we're able to deliver amazing service 24/7 on behalf of clients - with plenty of fun thrown in along the way.


Treehouse reception area with free refreshments on tap


Every seat in the house comes with a view


Bistro-style dining areas with free snacks


Open-plan office with breakout areas to catch up


Committed to being a fair employer

The reality is, we spend more time with colleagues than we do our extended family. So, why not make it worth everyone’s while, we say? As a former family-owned business, we’ve always believed in treating people fairly, and we recognize the importance of offering dependable, long-term employment opportunities to help individuals and the wider community thrive.

In return for the hard work and dedication shown by our team every day, we reward as much as we can with the important things, like health insurance and dental care, but also with the smallest of gestures, such as bagel-bar breakfasts! Oh and did we mention our epic parties? We know how to celebrate in style.

Permanent roles

With 11 days' vacation

Employment benefits

Including health insurance, dental care and 401k plan

Career opportunities

Such as long-term progression across the business