Virtual Receptionist Service

Our Virtual Receptionists are so good your callers will think they’re talking to you

The only provider who can truly say we’re a seamless extension of you and your team. Not only do we give you experienced people to work exactly as if based in your business, but our proprietary technology allows us to answer calls as confidently and knowledgeably as you.

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Here’s why our Virtual Receptionist Service is different

Here’s why our Virtual Receptionist Service is different

Brilliant people

Awesome, US-based people you’d happily employ yourself

Bespoke software

Bespoke call handling software so we sound exactly like you


A perfected, one-of-a-kind phone answering environment

Awesome people recruited for attitude

  • Cherry-picked to work for us
  • Trained to a world-class standard

Our rigorous recruitment and training process ensures our people all know how to deliver outstanding service. So we can make sure this happens on every call, our receptionists sit in close-knit teams, allowing them to knowledge share and ensure overall quality remains exceptionally high.

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Just some of our fantastic receptionists

Anyone can pick up a phone. How we answer your calls is completely unique.

How we know the call is for you

The moment a call comes through, your company information presents automatically for us here at Moneypenny so we have everything at our fingertips, ready to take a call exactly as if based in your business and just as knowledgeably as any member of your in-house team.

We can tell if they’ve called before

If the person ringing has called before, our technology tells us their name (so there’s no need to ask again), who they asked for and why. Similarly, if you have VIPs who you want treated differently, or for less valuable calls to ring out, just let us know.

We're able to have a free-flowing conversation

Your address, directions, product details - anything you deem important is all there so we can have a more informed, natural conversation with your caller - who thinks they’re talking to you because we never limit the conversation to suit a predetermined template.

We carry out the necessary steps to complete the call

We’re able to send pre-qualified inquiries directly into your CRM or book appointments. Unlike a traditional receptionist, our technology allows us to transfer calls to you in-office or at home; if you’re unavailable we’ll send a message by email or text (you choose).

Sound good? Hear our virtual receptionists in action:

Red carpet treatment for a new opportunity
Greeting a repeat caller
Filtering out an unsolicited cold caller

Real caller conversations with names & information anonymised for data protection purposes

Our Virtual Receptionist Service is integrated with all your software favorites
US Office

An office created specifically for answering calls

We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting the ideal environment to answer calls - everything from the design of our desks to the materials we’ve used are geared around delivering a seamless experience for your callers with zero background noise. It’s an extraordinary place for our people to work in.

  • Sound absorbent materials throughout
  • The best Jabra headsets & tech equipment
  • Collaborative honeycomb desk layouts
  • Natural light levels
  • Lots of human touches including drink stations & a wellbeing room
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An award-winning culture as voted for by our team
Born out of frustration with traditional virtual receptionist services and their impersonal approach, our vision has always been to give businesses people who are happy and engaged in their work because they are being paid well, treated fairly and always feel empowered to do the right thing. Our approach seems to be working:
Great place to work
WOTY - Gold Award


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