New Insolvency Support Line helps finance firms ‘cut the noise’ during the process.

Moneypenny has launched a new Insolvency Support Line to help professionals better concentrate on proceedings, which tend to instigate hundreds of calls from worried suppliers and customers.

Designed to handle high call volumes following administrative announcements like restructurings, the Insolvency Support Line is intended to minimize disruptions for time-poor in-house teams that are often under higher pressure than normal. An average small business insolvency typically receives 50 to 60 calls in the first two weeks following an announcement, while more high-profile brands and cases can receive hundreds of calls.

“The barrage of calls that typically follows administrative announcements takes teams away from the actual process,” said Eric Schurke, VP of Sales at Moneypenny North America. “It doesn’t make sense for a firm’s specialists to be bogged down fielding calls from vendors that are worried about receiving payment or orders when it can be outsourced. With staff shortages affecting all sectors and insolvencies predicted to rise – this is a timely and flexible solution that adds operational capacity, cuts the noise, and ensures calls are answered.”

Moneypenny’s service ensures all calls are answered promptly and professionally with the help of a dedicated number, a fully automated and customizable menu, and specialized financial receptionists, who are briefed with case requirements and frequently asked questions to keep callers informed. The launch builds on Moneypenny’s offering of specialist call handling, live chat, and outbound support for accounting and financial businesses.

Available in six and 12-month contract options, Moneypenny’s Insolvency Support Line takes just 48 hours to set up. The company provides call and live chat solutions to hundreds of financial services businesses and is trusted by many top US firms.