A bridge across the pond

As Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bought some American spirit to Wrexham, Moneypenny brings a touch of Britishness to Atlanta.

After a successful tour in the US and with Welcome to Wrexham‘s second season due to release on September 12th and North Wales adopting Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds as it’s soccer saviors, we thought we’d talk about how Moneypenny is bringing a little bit of Britain to Atlanta. Aside from our UK office making an aerial appearance in the show’s first season, two Moneypenny team members from the UK have started creating a mini Wrexham community Stateside with the appointment of Ela Bayraktar as Marketing Manager and Stephanie Vaughan-Jones as Head of Business Development. Both Ela and Stephanie have been at Moneypenny in their Wrexham-based UK office for 20 years between the two of them and have been enjoying their new roles in Moneypenny’s Atlanta office where they are responsible for supporting the growth and development of the business.

Moneypenny is expanding rapidly in Atlanta and is currently recruiting for many roles. Recognizing the value and importance of connecting culture, Moneypenny is linking it’s Atlanta and Wrexham headquarters through an exchange program, with team members spending time in their sister country getting to know each other as well as the quirks and customs of being part of a global family.

Stephanie Vaughan-Jones has moved to Atlanta on a long placement and commented: “I jumped at the opportunity to work abroad and experience new ways of working, and Atlanta is an amazing place to live and work. I can’t get over how welcoming everyone has been and how vibrant the business scene is. Just as Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have have bought a touch of American spirit to Wrexham, we will be bringing a touch of Britishness to Atlanta.”

Of course, there are a few words commonly used on either side of the pond, which Ela and her colleagues have converted into a guide for those lost in translation:


Soccer Football
Pants Trousers
Bangs Fringe
Sidewalk Pavement
Faucet Tap
Underwear Pants
Chips Crisps
Cell Mobile
Band aid Plaster
Trash can Bin


Some UK expressions to amuse or confuse:

Low-hanging fruit The most easily achieved of a set of tasks or goals
Pull a blinder Achieving something difficult
Cut corners To do something hurriedly so as to save time or money
Call it a day Decide to stop something
Go the extra mile To put in more effort than would be expected
At the end of the day When everything has been taken into consideration
As of yet Something has not happened or been done up to now
Close of play 5:30pm


And here’s how the two HQ locations measure up:

Atlanta vs. Wrexham

Atlanta United FC:

  • MLS Cup champions in 2018
  • Founded in 2014
  • Play at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, 71,000 capacity
  • The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground is a 33-acre site featuring 6 full-size playing fields
Wrexham A.F.C (now owned by Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds):

  • EFL League Two (fourth tier)
  • Founded in 1864 (the third oldest professional football team in the world)
  • Play at the Racecourse Ground, 10,771 capacity
  • 7-acre training ground at Colliers Park

Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, AT&T, UPS, Chick-fil-A


Moneypenny, JCB, Magellan Aerospace, Kellogg’s, Cadbury

Population: 498,725 (within city limits) Population: 65,692
Filmed in Atlanta:

Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, Black Panther, Loki, Divergent

Filmed in North Wales:

Wonder Woman 1984, Doolittle, The Legend of Tarzan

People born in Atlanta:

Julia Roberts, Chloë Grace Moretz, Chris Tucker, Gladys Knight, Dwight Howard

People born in Wrexham:

Adrian Holmes, Robbie Savage, Tim Vincent, Amy Guy, Leon Pownall

Buried in Wrexham: Elihu Yale (benefactor of Yale University)


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  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • The Atlanta Business Journal
  • Gwinnett Daily Post
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  • BBC Cymru Wales
  • ITV Wales
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  • Wrexham.com
Museum: High Museum of Art Museum: Tŷ Pawb
Foods: Barbecue, Southern-fried chicken, lemon pepper chicken wings Foods: Roast chicken, pork pies, beans on toast


Richard Culberson, CEO of North America, comments: “Celebrating our differences helps to unite and educate us. It helps us understand others’ perspectives and broaden our own. This may be a bit of fun, fueled by our US/UK office exchange program but in fostering this we foster a culture of growth, learning, resilience, agility, and above all, respect.

Global experts McKinsey, predicts that the global labor market will be in excess of 3.5 billion by 2030, bringing with it a further change in this ever-evolving business landscape. One that means working across countries and time zones but one that will help us to harness the power of new perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences which make us all unique as individuals, never mind nations!

Discover more: https://moneypenny.com/us/