How to ensure chat is accessible

Regardless of whether you’re using Live Chat to provide customer service, sales or technical support, you want the service you provide to be accessible and premium-quality for all of your customers, including those with disabilities. The Live Chat visitor experience that your customers see when using the feature, has been designed to follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Below we’ll outline the key ways in which our Live Chat has been made accessible for everyone:

  • All aspects of chat and the chat menus can be accessed using only a keyboard without the need for a mouse or trackpad.
  • By using color contrast to ensure visibility, all the text in the chat box is clear to anyone using the service. You can also access a high-contrast and ultra-high-contrast palette in the Design Studio which can be used to change or create an on brand version. You can access this to edit and clone a design, or create a new one.
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  • Our enhanced chat functions of Bots, File Uploads and Payments help make our chat more accessible to all customers.
  • We also have a set of rules/tests in place to ensure any new features are also accessible moving ahead.

We have tried our best to follow all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines but as a Live Chat admin you can alter your chat design settings yourself which could potentially make your design non-compliant. We suggest you follow these steps to make sure you’re sticking to these accessibility guidelines for the benefit of your customers:

  1. There are several high-contrast design palettes available to you in Design Studio which you could consider using to make your site more accessible.
  2. But most importantly you’ll want to have:
    • A large and clear font (this can also be found in the Design Studio)
    • A high color contrast. You will need to make sure it’s a 5:1 or a greater contrast ratio.

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